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Máquina inyectora del molde,Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora china del molde
plastic injection molding machine
inyección de plástico máquina de moldeo
plastiko liejimo mašina‎
plastik enjeksiyon makinesi

Servo Motor Plastic Machines

Standard Servo Motor Plastic Machines

If you are looking for Servo Injection Moulding Machine,then DAKUMAR is the best manufacturer & supplier of Servo Injection Moulding Machines of all models and designs in China.
High Speed Injection Moulding Machine
With increasing of the consumption of plastic products, plastic raw material cost is account for 50~80% of a finished products cost for plastic process. Therefore, thinwall products application is contributed to decrease the cost, reduce weight, shorten cycle time and improve the competitiveness. But the conventional injection moulding machine injection sped and pressure can’t meet the plastic injection molding craft requirement. So servo injection molding machine are developed by plastic injection moulding engineer.
Servo injection molding machine are increasing the injection speed through the high-speed response accumulator. Accumulator is use gas compressibility to store energy. When injection, it will put the pressure oil out and provide a large number of instantaneous constant pressure hydraulic oil.
Servo injection molding machine advantages:
1. It adopt of hydraulic unit and used to high pressure and high speed injection molding
2. High speed response accumulator as a auxiliary power, using high sensitivity electro-hydraulic servo valve, high precision displacement sensor to realize injection speed and injection pressure closed loop control.
3. Hydraulic system quickly response, high sensitivity, low noise
4. Adopt of electro-hydraulic type design, fully rational utilization of energy, low energy consumption and high efficiency.
At present, servo injection molding machine can divide to full hydraulic high speed machine, full electric high speed machine and electro-hydraulic high speed machine. Dakumar is now on developing the electro-hydraulic high speed machine.
The following industry is widely use servo injection molding machine: packaging industry, food container, IML container
2.Telecommunication industry
4.Medical industry, syringe, test tube etc,
5.Computer equipment
Servo injection molding machine are needed to withstand high injection pressure, save energy, shorten cycle time and improve products quality.
Dakumar servo injection molding machine series from DKM 118SH to DKM268HS. And our engineer is continuous to exploit more and more machine types to meet international market.

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